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Airspeed own factories throughout Asia. We also have a plant in Guadalajara, Mexico and offices in North America, the UK and Europe.

Airspeed manufactures product for the medical, military, automotive, information technology, audio-visual and lighting industries. We maintain state-of-the-art facilities in cable manufacture, injection moulding, die casting and many other processes in-house. These short videos provide an insight into the Airspeed organisation and the many benefits we can offer your business as a global manufacturing partner.


Airspeed’s modern factory located in Vietnam near Ho Chi Min City manufactures cables and harnesses for automotive, aerospace, medical and audio-visual customers. The Vietnam site sets the pace for Airspeed's motivated and dynamic workforce comprising talented engineers with a dedicated staff of 300.

All our factories are equipped with IPC-620 fully-automated and semi-automated crimping as well as overmoulding with both fixed lines for high-volume product and batch production capability.


All Airspeed cable products are 100% final tested –this is the Airspeed Quality Guarantee. With full lab facilities, we are able to provide verification testing; durability, environmental and thermal testing.

China (South) Focus: Cable Manufacturing and subassembly

The original hub of Airspeed's manufacturing capability for more than 20 years, we have several facilities located in China each with a specialist discipline and dedicated workforce.

Airspeed manufacture our own wire cores on site, enabling us to maintain the highest quality standards and a robust supply chain of critical materials to our assembly lines.

At our Southern China plant, the focus is on cable manufacturing with specialist production lines for cable harness' to connector over-moulding, cleanroom facility, final test and pack. The plant features 6 floors of manufacturing space totalling 190,000 square feet.

All our factories are equipped with IPC-620 fully automated and semi-automated crimping as well as overmoulding with both fixed lines for high-volume product and batch production capability.

China, Focus: Injection Moulding

The second Airspeed China facility boasts a state-of-the-art injection mould shop with in-house tooling and engineering support with an exceptional team of DFM-focused staff.

Taiwan; Focus: Injection Moulding

The Airspeed Taiwan facility boasts automated and semi-automated injection mould lines geared towards mass production. In-house tooling and engineering support. Secondary processes and subassembly work. Full lab testing facilities. Expert logistics and warehousing.

China; Focus: Die Casting

The Airspeed die casting facility produces high-quality zinc and aluminium castings for aerospece, automotive, defence and many other market sectors. A full complement of post-processings from CNC machining to grinding and painting as well as full laboratory facilities.

China; Focus: CNC

The Airspeed CNC facility produces high-quality components and tooling from low volume, high-value custom parts to component mass production. A full complement of painting, plating and other surface treatments as well as full metrology facilities are on site.

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