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The Airspeed Advantage - Assembly and Secondary Processes

Traditional Supply Chain

traditional supply chain model

Airspeed Supply Chain

airspeed supply chain model

What sets Airspeed apart from the competition is our ability to combine the many disciplines that we offer across our organization to provide turn-key solutions. Many of our customer relationships start with a single component... as they become familiar with the team and the many manufacturing facilities that are in the Airspeed group, procurement teams will often ask us to perform secondary processes and assembly work. Airspeed takes the hassle out of subassembly work and streamlines your stock management; meaning you are handling fewer individual components, and we are responsible for quality. Production yield on your final assembly line is improved, reducing overall cost.

Subassembly work

After decades of component manufacturing, Airspeed is able to apply the same high standard of engineering knowledge to product assembly. Often a customer will have a requirement for cables, plastic moldings and metal components. On many occasions, Airspeed is able to assemble these parts and deliver a sub-assembled module. Our engineers can help your designers identify potential opportunities to reduce part handling, improving overall stock management at customer factories and distribution centres.


Test and Pack

Depending on your requirements, Airspeed can complete First Article Inspection (FAI) reports and dimension checks, use go/no-go gauges and jigs, do function testing on the production line, through to sample testing to meet your individual needs. We will discuss your critical requirements as part of DFM appraisal; and work with your engineers to define acceptance criteria. Airspeed can provide any packaging solutions including inner/outer cartons, labelling, void-fill, antistatic packaging, sustainable/recycled options and more.

Verification Testing
Packaging and Shipping

Secondary Processes

Airspeed can complete many secondary processes; heat-staking (including threaded inserts), ultrasonic welding, plating, painting, polishing, applying labels and adhesive films, and much more. Please contact us with your specific requirements and our engineers will be happy to discuss how we can help you.

ultrasonic welding
Threaded Inserts
ultrasonic welding
Threaded Inserts


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