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CNC Manufacturing Processes

Airspeed offers a full complement of CNC machining derived from core competencies in both tooling and component manufacture. CNC can be the right choice for many components from prototype parts through production. Wherever a high degree of geometric accuracy is required, Airspeed has the CNC capability to deliver. Airspeed is perfectly positioned to help manage the eventual transition to die cast parts where mechanical properties and cost are deciding factors.


While CNC offers great opportunities for cost-effective prototype production, it can still be the right choice for production parts where absolute precision is required. Airspeed has a proud history of delivering tolerance-critical components to the automotive, aerospace and medical industries.

CNC machining
CNC machining


CNC offers the ultimate opportunity for timely delivery of parts. From the point that Airspeed receive data, we can begin producing your parts and meet tight scheduling and logistics goals.

Extrusion CNC


CNC can be the right choice where fixed tooling does not offer the flexibility for custom configurations, smaller MOQs and batches of parts. CNC permits endless iterations and variations, suitable where a bespoke part is required or project constraints dictate that high up-front tooling costs are not viable. CNC offers designers and engineers a chance to validate designs before committing valuable resources to fixed tooling.

metal spinning
metal spinning


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