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Metal Manufacturing Processes

From fully automated sheet metal stamping, fabrication and die casting to CNC prototyping, metal spinning, tooling and metal extrusion – Airspeed provide a full spectrum of metal manufacturing processes. Polishing, painting, plating and many other surface treatments available. Please contact us with your specific requirements.


  • Stamping – 25 presses, from 50 to 1,000 tons
  • Fabrication equipment – 2 lasers, 2 NCT machines, various press breaks, and robotic welders
  • Surface treatment – paint: wet, powder, and conductive
  • Secondary processes - welding, mig and tig, assembly
  • Tooling – stage tools and progressive dies, assembly and welding fixtures built in-house
  • Materials - many grades of stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium; other engineering alloys
  • Sheet metal part
    sheet metal component

    Die Casting

  • Machines from 50 to 850 tons
  • Secondary Operations – CNC, grinding, drilling, polishing, painting and plating
  • Tooling - tools, jigs, and fixtures manufactured in-house
  • Materials - aluminium and zinc
  • Die Casting
    Die Casting


    9 CNC lathes and 18 manual lathes, up to 42" diameter capability.

    Secondary processes include stamping presses, powder coat paint line with manual and automatic spray wet-coat

    metal spinning
    metal spinning

    Secondary Processes

    Airspeeds maintains the in-house capability to finish die casting and other metals parts with post machining, CNC, polishing and paint finishes



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