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Tooling and Automation

Precision tooling is critical to successful manufacturing; at Airspeed we feel the best way to control this is to build our tooling in-house.

Our engineers work with your design team to understand the product requirements. By considering your budget, the finished quality of the product, number of impressions and the grade of tool steel we ensure you get the most from your tooling.

All our customers own their tooling while Airspeed is able to store and maintain tooling free of charge. Airspeed is very experienced with relocating tooling from other mold shops; we can usually recommission existing tooling to work in our machines and are happy to store and maintain legacy tooling for our customers.

Airspeed can help you scale your business with a level automation to suit every project, we are the perfect partner to help you develop your product and grow your market share. Continuous improvement and dependability form our core values that lead to increased efficiency and quality.

injection mould machines
injection mould tool
injection mould tool
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Mould Flow Analysis

We are the plastic molding experts!

When you reach the manufacturing phase of plastic injection molding, Airspeed engineers will have shared decades of experience with your designers and CAD engineers to ensure that material selection, Design for Manufacturing (DFM) part geometry, tolerances and surface finish are approved.

We maintain full job-sheet records with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to cover the set-up and cosmetic standard of every part. This gives you peace of mind that Airspeed is working to your tolerances and quality standards.


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