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We're proud of our brand and so we thought we'd create some fun and useful Airspeed Merchandise for you! If you would like to request a free plastics injection mould design aid, VDI finish card or a hat, follow the link provided to out contact page and let us know what you'd like!

The design aid and the VDI card are aimed at product designers and are a useful tool to help you hit the ground running when starting out on a new part design; we've worked closely with our engineers to develop some best-practice moulded-in features which means the DFM process can start even before you send us a CAD file! Some common VDI finished that will help you compare easily and decide what finish will look best on your parts.

As for the hat, well, we can help you look cool while you're designing your next Airspeed project... we like to call it our "thinking cap"... now go and invent!

injection mould design aid

VDI Selection Card

Moulded in our premium black PC-ABS blend, this handy VDI finish card provides an immediate comparison between some of the most commonly requested VDI finishes. If you are new to in-mould surface finishes, these sparked and etched finishes can be a great way to add texture to your parts and hide a 'multitude of sins' when it comes to products deployed in rugged environments. Our engineers are always on-hand to discuss your project and advise how to get the best appearance and durability from your plastic mouldings. Add one of these to your desk and use in meetings to help team members discuss the right finish for yoor parts.

injection mould design aid

The Hat

"If you want to get ahead, get a hat". The famous Airspeed baseball cap is a cool and practical accessory that will keep that grey-matter warm while you germinate ideas for your next great Airspeed project. Need we say more?


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